The main reason I decided to have a coach is to save my time and money on mistakes that could be avoided. I always believed that if we learn from someone who has expertise in a particular area the process becomes less stressful and the goal achieved faster, especially when someone breathes and lives what he preaches and David and Strategic Property Coaching Team is exactly that.

The biggest thing I have learnt is the importance of strategy. Anything can be achieved if there’s determination, goal and strategy on how to do it.

At Strategic Property Coaching the approach is very complex and not only focused on the financial aspects of our lives.

One of the most eye-opening awareness in my case was knowing my strengths and weaknesses so I could focus and put more time into those skills I was most lacking in. I was working closely with David both via Zoom and in person and his punctuality, commitment and dedication were on a very high level. Not mentioning all the knowledge he poses. I would definitely recommend this amazing team with David being the Head Coach with a holistic approach to getting your life back on track, both mentally and financially.

Thank you Strategic Proper Coaching Team, I appreciate your help and your guidance.

-Tom Tymu