Prior to connecting with David, I had been told by financial advisors to get a better-paying job, spend less & save more, which wasn’t very liberating as a single mum with limited time, energy, resources & opportunity. At that time, I gave up on property being achievable in my lifetime and focused on doing what I love.

David’s vast experience; having seen so many scenarios; gave me the belief that it was in fact, possible. He taught me that good debt was good and anything was possible with a focused plan. I’m now happy to say I have 2 houses to my name 1 with my Son, so I am thrilled that there will be some sort of a legacy I can leave for my children. No doubt doing what I love, helped me in the process … but Davids’s experience was priceless in guiding me on a clear path; of not getting overwhelmed with all of the non-relevant information out there. It wasn’t easy, but with Davids’s direction it was simple and life has surely changed for the better. I am very grateful for the friendship, kindness and ongoing care of my individual situation and future development in the property arena. If in doubt do reach out… There will be a helpful hand there for You.

-Deborah Husbands