To me the year we had David as a coach was a pivotal point in our property investing journey. I learnt the importance of having a budget and separating our needs from wants, how to make decisions about property without heavy emotional attachments, and setting a goal and working towards it step by step. With regards to property, the achievements in tidying up the existing portfolio were a major one (renovated and sold a unit and turned negatively geared property to positive cashflow property). I also had huge changes in my mindset about investing, working in a Job vs entrepreneur, and money in general. Working with David as a couple had a big impact too. It gave me a better understanding of how to communicate with John as well as a sense of accountability for our actions. It was also wonderful to get support from David about financial and job decisions although they were perhaps unusual ones. From the coaching experience, I have a much better sense of myself and my why and it makes everyday life decisions so much easier.

-Nilangani Nadyeshda Harris