I have had the privilege of knowing David for the last 5 years. I was lucky enough to be employed by him and then have him as a mentor who I highly look up to. 

My husband and I have made many mistakes in life, due to what we are conditioned to believe in which is to go to school get good grades go out and get a good job. We were never educated about owning a business, taxes investing in assets etc. We fell into the trap of living pay cheque to pay cheque and didn’t see a way out of this. 

David showed us what could be possible by spending time with us and teaching us about property, finances, self-awareness, and money/cash flow and even moved on to helping us with relationship advice. I will be forever grateful for the lessons i have learnt and continue to learn from him and how he has opened up our eyes to see a much brighter future.

One thing that stands out for me the most about David is, that he has a big heart and he CARES, there are a lot of coaching companies out there that will offer you the world but they only have one thing in mind and that is their own bank balance! 

David is different he loves to see people grow, and he wants to see people’s lives change for the better. He isn’t in this for himself his passion is helping others!

From working with him a few years ago I have witnessed the people’s lives he has changed and I know every single one of them will also be forever grateful.

I appreciate everything you do and continue to do for my family and me.

-Rochelle Pene