Originally, I only wanted to buy a house as my home. However, my mind was completely changed after I talked to David. I saw a chance to retire early. I saw an opportunity to pursue the life I truly want. All this can be done through property investment- buy a house not for living in but for other major goals in life! I felt lucky that I could get to
know there is property investment coaching existing, and I felt very lucky to start my property investment journey with David. I have learned how to plan and prepare for property purchases, how to save more and how to spend my money wisely. David not only shares knowledge about making people rich, but also wisdom about life in general. He is kind and intelligent. I like to mention what’s happening in my life to him because I have found out he can give me some useful ideas and tips right away. That’s probably because he is a mentor with abundant life experience. I enjoy my sessions with him. I look forward to learning all there is to know about property investment.
– Yisa Gu