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David Neradil has been an important influence in John’s life as a property investor, so in this episode David and John chat about: a bit about David’s upbringing, and where he’s at with property investing & how important strategy is, and being agile to adapt as things change. some of the differences he’s noticed in the property investing space over time & his top tips for keen property investors

Is the specialisation gap the reason so many families are struggling today?


Watch the video where David shares the pivotal moments that shaped his path towards helping others reach their goals. In this video, find out what fueled David’s passion and commitment to making a positive impact on lives.

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Are you on track to create the life you truly desire? Are you goals within your reach? This exercise will give you a clear understanding of where you are at and what could be possible with a clear plan.

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Getting a loan for your property can be overwhelming & confusing.The more you understand the smoother the process can be. Check your knowledge and find out how prepared you are.

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Clarity Call 

This session with an experienced Strategy coach will give you clarity around what could be possible based on your specific situation. Whether it’s your own home, buying your first investment property or starting your own business we explore all options.

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