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Cashflow & Deposit Booster Program

Do you struggle to keep track of your money? Would you like to build your deposit for your next property much faster? Do you like the idea of having good financial buffers in place to keep you safe in changing times? Do you hate doing budgets and often spend more money than you earn? This system could change your life and create options you currently don’t have.

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This program will set in place the key foundation skills and develop new habits so you can become a master of money management without having to complete a daily budget. So many people accumulate credit card debt and personal loans unconsciously to make short term purchases they often regret later. This can often hinder your future options and stop you from getting approved for finance for your first home or investment property. You will learn how to speedily dissolve bad debt and create a strong credit history and more importantly, it will boost your cash flow so you feel in control of your finances and can save your property deposit faster.

4-Step Property Foundations Program

Have you been trying to save a deposit for property & constantly see your savings whittled away by unexpected costs? Have you been to the bank, broker, or real estate agent and no one wants to help you set up your position to buy your home? Do you feel like you will be stuck in the rental trap forever? The xylem zone’s 4-Step Property Foundations Program is designed to help you build the skills to make your next purchase a reality sooner.

Markets are changing all the time and bank lending criteria are changing daily. It is difficult to know where to start. This program will allow you to get your house faster even if you’re starting with limited cash and will help you avoid costly mistakes. You will develop the skills to take control of your future and not have to trust other experts blindly. This program will give you the ability to change your life and then you can pass these insights on to help your kids.

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The real problem is most of these skills are not taught at school it’s not knowledge handed down from our family. Unfortunately, most of the institutions you deal with are happy for you to be ignorant as they want to control the steps and most professionals are too highly specialized in their area and not experienced in the whole process. Also, they want to charge you a fortune to give advice but, likely, it may not even suit your situation.

So what choices do you have:
1. Stumble through making costly mistakes, using free general information not specific to you and hence require much more capital and time to get your property.
2. Trust a real estate agent and bank to get you the right property and loan and only discover all the issues after you have purchased.
3. Use a buyer’s agent to source you a property and pay up to $40,000 commission.
4. Get free education from a property marketing company only to learn they are not impartial but just want to sell you their own houses.
5. Invest in yourself by learning so you don’t have to trust anyone. Then you can speed up your result, avoid costly mistakes, and develop and plan specific to your circumstances. Once you understand these steps you can share and help your own family and children. Which option will help you the most?

Property Portfolio Builder

Would you like to become a sophisticated property investor? Are you confused by all the general information online? Not sure where to start? Do you want to learn the skills to find the right property to grow your equity and increase cash flow? Would you like to own multiple investment properties, reduce your tax to zero legally and create a secure future? This program is designed to give you all the skills you need to find your own investment properties, save time and avoid big mistakes.


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This is an intensive program with bi-monthly one on one strategy session with an experienced strategic coach. These practical sessions are where your acquisition plan and specific property strategy are created. Your skills are further developed by working through a monthly worksheet that guides you through each stage of the process. Further to this, you have the option to work through our extensive online module-based learning covering a deep understanding of money, debt, and finance as well the whole property system to find and secure your own property deals. Support is provided at all stages of your journey via text, email, and phone so you never at risk of making poor decisions and always safe.

We don’t push you off to large online groups to make more bucks or pass you off to coaches lacking real results, it’s boutique tailored strategic coaching that takes a holistic approach to help you create the life you truly desire so you understand and are proficient at each stage of the process. Our training is impartial as we don’t sell property so are not motivated to make external omissions from third-party property marketeers.  

This training not only helps you learn to buy the right property in the right location using the strategy that most suits your circumstances but teaches you how to create and roll your equity so you can continue to build you’re your own national property portfolio. Most of our graduates secure between 2 to 6 investment properties and build their portfolio in 5 years or less. Many of our clients are on their way to paying their home mortgage off in half the time as a result of having a clear plan and using specific strategies that are in line with the market movements and our changing economic world.

Business Maximiser Program

Would you like to use your business income to buy your own home and start investing in property but the banks won’t give you a loan? Are you looking to start your own business but don’t know where to begin? Is your business struggling to generate cash flow? Do you have a great product but just can’t get it in front of enough buyers? Are you getting leads but can’t convert them to customers?

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The Xylem Zone we have over 20 years experience in business and can help solve these issues. Our key goal is to help you build a solid business platform to launch and grow your business organically. You may be starting from scratch or wanting to transition from your job to a side hustle. Our number one focus is to increase cashflow and ensure you are not swallowed in debt before you make a profit.

We have a holistic 4 Step approach:

  • We help you refine your marketing strategy to brand and target your ideal customer.
  • Once you have your prospects we share the skills of how to convert at a high level and master the art of selling.
  • Customer retention is crucial so having a clear service model in place will mean you never have to use paid marketing to grow your client base.
  • Money management, not understanding how to use debt and having incorrect structures can undermine much new business and limit there growth and income potential. We teach you how to get the right platform in place and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Our training in all these areas will ensure you have good safety buffers to weather the slow times, you will reduce your tax but still be able to get lending and not be swallowed by bad debt.
  • Ultimately this business model is designed to help you live the life you desire with a balance between work and leisure. We understand business is just a vehicle to create choice and if set up correctly doesn’t have to suck up all your time and energy

Money Mindset & Self Awareness Program

Are you constantly worrying about money? Is it creating unneeded pressure and stress? Do you struggle to manage your finances and instead live week by week? Are the rapid changes in the world and economy making you feel fearful and uncertain about the future for you and your children?

These circumstances are being experienced by many people in today’s world but did you know you can change this situation? Do you know someone in your life who doesn’t seem to be affected by this constant change and turmoil currently?

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Its likely they have many techniques and practices they use either consciously or unconsciously to remain happy, positive and in control and you can learn them to.

I was always a natural worrier and felt a massive sense of responsibility for my family. It didn’t understand until years later how my feelings, behaviours and beliefs where created by the trauma in my early life and what my parents went through. After reading numerous books, attending many coarses and working with numerous leaders in this field I started to clear my past and be less concerned about the future. Its doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally get overwhelmed, act in a reactive manner or let my emotions take over its just that now I have the tools and techniques to help me get back to a balanced state much sooner and with less drama.

We are not gurus, but we have had many people spend time and invest in us to become better men/women, grow and flourish. As a business community the members of thexylemzone are all heavily invested in self development, building our mindset and self awareness so we can live a life of purpose, passion, service and contribution. This is part of our ethos and mission to create a better world for our children, look after the planet, minimize the pressure created by debt and look after the planet.

In this 12 month program we work with people who want to grow and take personal responsibility for creating the life they truly desire. A shift away from outer projection and blame to inner reflection and self accountability. Once you start down this path there is no turning back but you will then have the tools to create harmony, peace and joy in your life and not be effected by the going on of the world but instead choose a couscous path to unlock your true genius and purpose.

the xylem zone Graduates

Jo and Beau - 4 Step Program students

Stacey and Hayden - 4 Steps Property Foundation Program & Portfolio Builder Program Graduates

Jodie and Eugene - 4 Step Property Foundation Graduates

John & Nady - 4 Steps Property Foundation Program & Money Mindset & Self Awareness Program Graduates

Rochelle - 4 Steps Property Foundation Program Graduates

Peter Franklin - Property Portfolio Builder Program - Graduate

Karen and Leeroy - 4 Steps Property Foundation Program

Penny and Don - Graduates Portfolio Builder Program

Stacey And Hayden - Graduates 4 Step Program and Portfolio Builder.

Corey & Naadeene - Portfolio Builder Graduates

Jules and Anna - Portfolio Builder Graduates

Ed and Skye, Portfolio Builder Students.

Tomasz - 4 Step Property Foundation Program & Money Mindset & Self Awareness Program.

Paul & Lisa - Business Maximiser Program

Jay & Rachael - 4 Step Foundation Program and Portfolio Builder Graduates

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Unfortunately, many people go to the action first without a clear plan and have lots of problems that cost them time, money and opportunity.

This webinar will give you a great understanding of the things you need to know before moving forward and how to avoid those 10 key mistakes most people make.

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