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Where Strategic Property Coaching meets Community Support.

Our Strategic Coaching Programs empower you to master money management and dissolve financial challenges, leveraging property or business to increase cash flow, grow assets, and create a more secure future. Our holistic, community-centric approach prioritises your success over profit, aiming to equip you with the skills to thrive in today’s fast-changing world.

Who do you identify with?


Working harder than ever, no time to relax, bills increasing? Rent skyrocketing? Pressure around money? Becoming debt-reliant? Don’t know where your money goes? Feeling like you will be stuck in the rent trap forever.


Repayments getting higher, and the cost of living climbing? Not sure how you would cover the mortgage if you lost a job or got sick? Feeling insecure and uncertain about how to fix things? Would like to help set up your kids but don’t know how?


Stuck on a career path that’s getting narrower as you push for the top. Dissatisfied in the role but locked in by the security of the golden handcuffs and regular income, you feel there must be a better way but aren’t experienced in property and business?


Emotionally overwhelmed and don’t know what to do to relieve the pressure. Feeling like you haven’t been equipped with the skills to manage all the issues life is throwing at you? You are open to learning new techniques and principles to help bring yourself and your circumstances back into balance but don’t know who to trust!

The Xylem Zone Strategic Property Coaching


  • If I buy a house, I will have security.
  • If I invest in property, I will have more cash flow and a more secure retirement.
  • If I start my own business I will make more money, and have more flexibility and time.
  • If I just push through, things will get better.


  • Buy a House
  • Invest in Property
  • Start a business.
  • Do Nothing

Regardless of whether you want to buy your own home, invest in property, or start your own business, there are 4 key steps you need to put in place first to be successful and avoid costly mistakes before you choose your strategy.

The Xylem Zone Strategic Property Coaching

Build your skill and awareness before you start: Get Our Must-Have Resources.

The Happiness Game

Are you on track to create the life you truly desire? Are you goals within your reach? This exercise will give you a clear understanding of where you are at and what could be possible with a clear plan.

Play here

Advanced Property Questionnaire

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards becoming a savvy property investor? Our Property Quiz is designed to help you assess your knowledge and guide you towards making informed investment decisions.

Play here

Clarity Call

This session with an experienced Strategy coach will give you clarity around what could be possible based on your specific situation. Whether it’s your own home, buying your first investment property or starting your own business we explore all options.

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The good news is that there is an alternative path. You may have a business or job but want the option to work less as you get older and set up a more secure retirement.  If you utilise your income to grow your assets while your income is consistent you could be in a position where you can either retire early or work in a role that’s more meaningful. When you develop your skills and get the timing right you can create a magical pathway to move out of your current role over the next 10 to 20 years and get your time back while your properties supplement your cashflow. 

Close the Gap

Develop your skills, create a plan, and build a solid foundation before you go into action. With this approach, you can free up more time, increase cash flow, get rid of the bad debt that can tie you down, and redesign your future to create the life you truly desire.

The Mistakes

Most people are driven by their challenges and react. They are often emotionally motivated and jump to the action part of their strategy without developing the skills to make an informed decision. As a result, they can trust other proclaimed experts blindly and choose the wrong strategy without understanding all the potential consequences. They don’t know the right questions to ask to ensure the proposed solution will suit them.  Hence many factors stop them from getting the outcomes they want in the desired timeframes which they can often regret later.

Approaches: Issues

Buy a house and have more money going out than you considered and now your lifestyle and security are severely undermined. 

Start property investing and purchase the wrong property, in the wrong location at the wrong time, and now you have to hold a poor-quality asset that hasn’t increased in value and is now sucking your cash flow dry. 

Leave the job you loathe and start your own business only to realise it’s double the hours for half the pay, and you don’t have all the skills to be effective in the many roles required to be successful in business. 

Do nothing to relieve your personal overwhelm and wait until serious consequences impact your life and you are forced to change hoping it’s not too late!

The Xylem Zone Strategic Property Coaching

What We Do

At the Xylem Zone, our strategic coaching programs help you formulate real solutions where you become a sophisticated property investor and business owner so you can avoid costly mistakes or being cheated and achieve your goals sooner and safer. Once you have built your skills you can take control of your future and be the captain of your own ship. Based on your new level of awareness you can make conscious decisions with property, business, and life and build your own trusted team with specialists who hold shared values and understand your vision.

Imagine having a money Coach, Property Coach, Business Coach, and Life Coach all rolled into one, that’s what you get with a Xylem Zone Strategic Coach. With over 20 years of private mentoring to over 1000 clients nationally David and the team share their skills, knowledge, and experiences to help you Redesign Your Life and create the future you truly desire. 

The Xylem Zone

Build a Solid Foundation first

By getting educated we can help you build a plan tailored to your circumstances, goals, and dreams. In today’s world there is so much data it’s hard to know where to start and what to believe. Our coaching programs give you one-on-one training as well as structured modules and videos to support your learning.

The Xylem Zone Strategic Property Coaching

OUR APPROACH: Our 4-Step Process

  • Design your destination map.
  • Complete your Money Management plan.
  • Build an advanced finance strategy.
  • Formulate a strategic approach tailored in line with your Future Goals.

The 4 A’s

  • Altitude – New Focus
  • Attitude – New Mindset
  • Aptitude – New Skills
  • Actualisation – New Reality.

We have programs for Every Stage of Your Money, Property Purchasing & Business Journey

Are you struggling with money and want to get back control? Are you dreaming of owning your first home, but feeling lost in the process? Or maybe you’ve just dipped your toes into the world of investing, unsure of how to navigate the waters? Want to start a side hustle but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a novice investor, or an experienced financial whiz, we’ve got tailored programs to guide you every step of the way.

The Xylem Zone

New to investing

So, you’ve achieved the milestone of homeownership. Now, it’s time to grow your wealth through smart investments. Our New to Investing program is crafted for those eager to explore the world of investment. From stocks and bonds to real estate and retirement accounts, we’ll help you build a strong foundation for a prosperous financial future.

From new to older properties, cashflow to capital growth there are dozens of potential options we need to explore and understand to determine which approach best suits your position. With locations all around Australia, you will learn where to buy, what to buy, and when to buy and avoid costly mistakes that can cost you years to recover from. Building a solid foundation and a clear plan tailored to your needs is our goal for you.

Ready to take action and become a property investor? Click here to take our advanced finance quiz and see if you’re prepared.

The Xylem Zone

Setting up your own business

Learn the skills to set up your business so you can do it safely and have a clear plan to move forward. Understand how to complete your due diligence, create the right operating agreements, run the numbers, complete your SWOT analysis. Ascertain which structure and entity is most suitable for your new venture and why. Determine what audience and target market is inline with your product and service and which platforms will suit you most for marketing. Become a master of sales by completing our 21 step process.

The Xylem Zone

first time home buyer

By getting educated we can help you build a plan tailored to your circumstances, goals, and dreams. In today’s world there is so much data it’s hard to know where to start and what to believe. Our coaching programs give you one-on-one training as well as structured modules and videos to support your learning.

Buying your first home is a massive step and so many people don’t realise all the moving pieces that need to be lined up to make our goal of owning your own home a reality. When dealing with banks and other lenders to get your lending approved you need to be able to clearly describe your goals, have a clear account of where your money is going, and have a clean credit history. We help you get organised and set up correctly across all these key areas t of money, debt, and finance so you can Fastrack your purchase.

Ready to be a homeowner? Click here to play the happiness game to find out how to make your goals a reality, this is for anyone searching and just starting out who want to change their circumstances and understand their current position.

The Xylem Zone Strategic Property Coaching

Experienced Investor

You have secured your first one or two investment properties but now you want to join the 2.11% group of sophisticated investors who own 4 properties +. You would like to maximise your cash flow, learn how to pay no tax legally, pay off your home mortgage in half the time, and have the option to retire earlier and work in an area you’re passionate about. If you would like to create a clear plan so you can clear all the debt on your assets, have passive income from your properties, and understand which strategy is best suits you contact us and book a clarity call.”

We call this program The Portfolio Builder

Ready to take the next step towards maximising your financial potential? Join our Experienced Investor Program and unlock advanced strategies for unparalleled returns. Click here to book a clarity call.

The Xylem Zone

Happiness Journey

Are you feeling overwhelmed and under pressure emotional, financially and physically? Have you been working hard to build a future but have lost sight of your goals?

The Happiness Journey is a self awareness program, tailored to your needs to help you reset your position, get crystal clear on what your truly want and create a new future path. Along the way we will share important tools, techniques, practices and principles that you can utilise to bring back happiness, clarity, joy, fulfilment and peace back into your life. This process will help your break through blockages, dissolve emotional pressure and bring back mental clarity.

Meet Our Head Coach

I was scared of debt and didn’t come from money. Growing up in a housing commission home, sharing one room with my two brothers, life was simple. Our parents worked hard and experienced substantial trauma and death losing children, but we were always loved, felt safe, and had the basics provided.

In saying that I always knew I didn’t want to duplicate the way my parents lived and knew there had to be better options than working yourself into an early grave like my father and middle brother. I escaped the narrow-minded life of a semi-rural country town and headed to the city leaving home at 18 with my first promotion in retail management.

I had declined the university path and wanted to make money and be independent, my parents didn’t have any money to prop me up regardless. Within 4 years at the age of 22, I was managing over 200 staff in one of Australia’s biggest retailers at the time. The tipping point came when my boss had his third heart attack at 32 years old. I looked at him and thought that’s not the future I wanted and took my savings and went overseas travelling. Six months turned into four years and my whole life perspective had been shifted, I wanted freedom.


Our Success Stories


David took us from slowly learning from our mistakes to an ability to form crystal clear plans and move forward towards our goals with certainty.

-J T Martin Elin


Words simply cannot describe how highly I have the pleasure of having known David for over ten years. Such an amazing man and just a superb human being. It started with receiving endless mentoring, advice & guidance in creating a Property Portfolio and has led to a lifelong personal friendship with both David & his beautiful wife Freda. David’s knowledge continues to amaze me to this day. David will always listen with open ears and his advice is outstanding on every level. He makes you feel very comfortable in whatever you want to discuss. Can not recommend David highly enough.

-Susie Langmaid

Honestly, David offered me a mate’s rates deal to look at my life’s journey and to help with big decisions I needed to make. I wanted to proceed with his offer but felt time-poor and my funds were running thinly.
So regrettably I didn’t take up his offer. That was months ago and now I am still in a bind as to what our best options are. I wonder if I had taken the offer, what financial position I would be in now!?
On a personal note, David is a sincerely genuine man with the best intentions to help you be your best.
-Rone Bakuwel

I have known David for over 15 years and have had successful dealings with him as a property coach and mentor. David has extensive experience as a property investor and coach with a thorough understanding of the property investment industry. He is passionate about helping people and particularly empowering them to reach their goals. David is an invaluable person to have as a mentor and can add so much value and knowledge to help you find a solution and achieve what you set out to do.

-Marie Vlahos


David has been my property coach for the last 7 years, during that time he has helped me to grow my property portfolio to over $3M with it almost supporting itself financially. His insight has been invaluable and has gone well beyond the property space. During this time David has helped me go from having no idea what my expenses were to knowing my expenses well and even reducing them.


I have worked with David for the past 10 years and has honestly taught me a lot of what I know about property investing in an authentic way. Totally down to earth and genuine in his approach. I would highly recommend him.

-John Pidgeon


I have been working with David for many years and he has always had great insight to share and helped me make good choices to achieve my goals. He has a great attitude, is easy to communicate with and he has changed my mind set for the better. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their lives.

– Matt Barden


What an empowering workshop. The Xylem Zone is a game changer in helping individuals open their minds to the myriad opportunities available to achieve their lifestyle goals. I love how their workshop is completely customisable to each person’s hopes and dreams. There are no cookie-cutter plans or sales tactics here, just solid experience and some juicy insider secrets that will blow your mind and spark your motivation to fast-track achieving your goals.

-Rachelle Napper


WoW – I just finished day one of the Xylem Zone – ReDesign your life workshop. I’m here to give my personal finances and property portfolio some structure.

I’d love to eventually build my own dream home like the one I saw last week in NSW (below).

The property investment strategies I have currently been using were failing. So to help me get there, Xylem have given me tips today that are already helping me understand the best ways to structure my portfolio and maximise the equity in my properties.

The Xylem Zone workshop also shows first-home buyers how to get into the market with little deposit. Thank you Xylem

5 Stars

-Katherine Lynch


Thank you so much, David and The Xylem Zone Team! This is the First Seminar my partner and I have attended with The Xylem Zone. We read the promotion and thought: “Oh we have attended so many Seminars, should we bother to give up our Weekend?” WELL, THANK HEAVENS we did! David is generous in sharing top-level content for everyone in the room to tailor-master their own financial journey to real freedom.

He provided a method for easily establishing our financial status/snapshot and (re)defining our ultimate life goals and unique style of real estate investment. He has a basic blueprint and a toolkit of strategies that EVERYONE can apply. It is the easiest and quickest way in which we have been able to redefine our journey to financial freedom.

More importantly, his delivery style provides every flexibility for people to develop and implement their own master wealth strategies with a style, combination and sequencing that would most uniquely resonate with them. He is such an inspiration, has such wonderfully well-rounded knowledge, and showed us that budgeting is not boring!! We came home with a WHOLE NEW VISION on what we can achieve and HOW we can achieve our goals in less than half the time.

I have bought and sold nearly 70 properties and my partner has bought and sold over 7 properties, so we would be considered very experienced, BUT the learning from this weekend was Priceless. We can only HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to everyone wanting to succeed in Reaching their Goals and Becoming Financially Free through Real Estate so much faster… JUST DO IT! Attending The Xylem Zone Training will be your best two-day investment to speed up your success journey! David Neradi and the Team were so professional with their knowledge, skills and support! Don’t miss any chance to attend The Xylem Zone training, GO FOR IT! Thanks so much!!! We will be forever grateful !! 

-Douglas McCoy


I have known David Neradil since 2009. During that time David has provided me with mentoring to help me achieve my Investment, Business and life goals. I find our regular catchups instrumental to my success. 

Initially, David provided me with sound guidance for my property investing and as my respect and confidence grew in David, I trusted him to also provide personal and Business mentoring. 

David is an expert in his field with many years of experience in property investing and dealing with all associated professionals. He has helped me greatly with practical feedback on buying and selling properties and helping me define the ideal strategy that suited my situation the best as well as planning for the future.

David seems to always ask just the right questions to help me look at what’s required to get myself to the next step. 

I have found David reliable, honest and approachable. He has a way of keeping me accountable but without judgement. He supports me whenever required and assists with problem-solving when I’m stuck. His detail-orientated, organised approach and reliability empower me to achieve my potential.

-Peter Franklin


Anybody thinking about coaching for whatever reason should speak to David Neradil. I am lucky enough to have known David for over 10 years, initially as a property investment mentor and coach, but the journey quickly developed into so much more than property. 

David is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about helping people find their way in this crazy world. Not only is David an astute property and finance coach but he can really help you to create your goals even when you’re not sure what they are.

If you are looking to make some positive changes to your life your first point of call should be to contact David. I’m so glad I did and I’m sure you will be too.

-Shane Leonard


We first met David as a coach 9 years ago and have worked easily with him to achieve a greater understanding of our mindset towards property investing and have utilised his knowledge and coaching to successfully buy 3 properties for growth and investment (sold 2 easily with 50% growth, holding onto 1 for continued income) during that time. We find David’s experience and knowledge invaluable to our continued growth financially, and personally, and have become good friends in the process.

-Sandra Venables


To me the year we had David as a coach was a pivotal point in our property investing journey. I learnt the importance of having a budget and separating our needs from wants, how to make decisions about property without heavy emotional attachments, and setting a goal and working towards it step by step. With regards to property, the achievements in tidying up the existing portfolio were a major one (renovated and sold a unit and turned negatively geared property to positive cashflow property). I also had huge changes in my mindset about investing, working in a Job vs entrepreneur, and money in general. Working with David as a couple had a big impact too. It gave me a better understanding of how to communicate with John as well as a sense of accountability for our actions. It was also wonderful to get support from David about financial and job decisions although they were perhaps unusual ones. From the coaching experience, I have a much better sense of myself and my why and it makes everyday life decisions so much easier.

-Nilangani Nadyeshda Harris


David will be truthful, even if it’s tough to hear, imaginative and informed with solutions and a prop and rudder in a storm.

-Joanne Coker


David has guided me on property investment over ten years not just from a financial perspective but using a holistic sometimes spiritual approach if you like and so I have grown through his tuition, guidance, life lessons on so many levels. He’s also q good on other aspects of our lives like relationships and when things in your life aren’t quite going so well! I highly recommend you try him out!

-Jeremy Chipchase


I knew shortly after meeting David that his guidance would be different from the rest. That real talk changed the course of my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Although life has thrown a couple of curve balls over the past 6 years knowing David, because of the wholistic work he encouraged me through I can honestly say I feel confident with where I am and where I’m going in all aspects of life. Truly grateful!

-Monica Askins


I have had the privilege of knowing David for the last 5 years. I was lucky enough to be employed by him and then have him as a mentor who I highly look up to. 

My husband and I have made many mistakes in life, due to what we are conditioned to believe in which is to go to school get good grades go out and get a good job. We were never educated about owning a business, taxes investing in assets etc. We fell into the trap of living pay cheque to pay cheque and didn’t see a way out of this. 

David showed us what could be possible by spending time with us and teaching us about property, finances, self-awareness, and money/cash flow and even moved on to helping us with relationship advice. I will be forever grateful for the lessons i have learnt and continue to learn from him and how he has opened up our eyes to see a much brighter future.

One thing that stands out for me the most about David is, that he has a big heart and he CARES, there are a lot of coaching companies out there that will offer you the world but they only have one thing in mind and that is their own bank balance! 

David is different he loves to see people grow, and he wants to see people’s lives change for the better. He isn’t in this for himself his passion is helping others!

From working with him a few years ago I have witnessed the people’s lives he has changed and I know every single one of them will also be forever grateful.

I appreciate everything you do and continue to do for my family and me.

-Rochelle Pene


We grew as a couple and as investors with David coaching at our side, we jumped over hurdles and created massive change. Great content and manageable. Thanks for all your support, David and Team.

-Lyza Saint Ambrosena


I have known David since around 2013. David was instrumental in our property investment journey. We found David to be very honest and genuine, always directing us to a beneficial outcome. 

As a mentor, David didn’t just give us the answers but gave us tools to make informed decisions, which made us self-reliant when making decisions in the world of property investment. 

I highly recommend David to anyone looking for a great Coach.

-Vineeta Harris